What is setpoint weight and how it can help you lose weight

What is Setpoint Weight

If you are like most people out there who are trying to lose weight you are overwhelmed with information and diet myths. I call this N.I.O.S. Or… Nutrition Information Overload Syndrome. The only way to cure it is to stop digging deeper and deeper for more information, instead you need to begin looking for a transformation. That starts with a question:”What is Setpoint Weight?”

Just look around and you can see for yourself that the weight loss information that we have been using for the last 40 years is wrong. If it was correct we would all weight 120 pounds and look great in our high school jeans! But that’s not what we see at all. We see skyrocketing obesity and diabetes rates while fat shaming has become that last accepted form of bigotry in advanced nations. Its sad, and it has to stop. That is why the understanding what you setpoint weight is is so important.

It’s time to stop wondering, “why is losing weight so hard?”

The old paradigm of counting calories is 100% wrong. Instead we need to focus on the quality of calories. And more specifically those foods that lower your set point weight.

What is Setpoint Weight

So What Is Setpoint Weight And How Is It Different?

Understanding what your setpoint weight is and how it works is really the hidden key to lasting, natural weight loss and fat-burning over the long-term.

Your setpoint weight is like riding a bicycle and you have to shift your balance left or right to stay upright. Well, your body works the same way by trying to balance your weight and making adjustments, up or down, if it feels it is getting to far away from “center” so to speak.

By making smarter (not HARDER!) eating and movement choices we can lower our setpoint weight and thereby enjoy effortless weight loss. And more importantly permanent weight loss. I know that is a big promise, but I have seen it happen with my own eyes.

That’s the thing about most diets and why they never seem to work out. We are here today to change that for you.

4 Quick Tips To Lower Your Setpoint Weight

So now that we have answered the question: “What is setpoint weight?”, let’s move on and answer the next question which I bet you have… “How do I lower my setpoint weight?” Great question. It’s actually pretty simple and that why it’s so important that you work to create breakthroughs and not small shifts in what you know.

Here are 4 tips you can use right now, in your life to begin lowering your setpoint and once you begin to see and feel the results you will want to incorporate this into every part of your life, not just what you eat.

[For more in-depth information and how to determine your Setpoint Score please visit this informative article: “How to lower your setpoint”]

1 – Eat the big 3: That means lean protein, whole food fats, and and be sure to fill up on non-starchy vegetables.

2 – Cut out sugar, wheat, starchy vegetables and artificial sweeteners. It’s not going to be as hard as you think. Trust me once you learn the simple secrets of cooking SANE it’s so much easier and delicious than you can even imagine.

3 – Don’t over exercise! Instead use short light sets of what are called eccentric movements for just a few minutes each week. That will be the best way to fire up your calorie hungry special type-2b muscle fibers to burn eve more calories.

4 – Age old advice that is still 100% true: you need 8 hours of sleep and enough water to ensure you never feel thirsty throughout your day.
That’s it! Those 4 easy as pie tips are truly enough to transform your body and more importantly your entire life. Don’t make this more complicated than it needs to be!