What Is The Set Point Diet?

The truth is that it’s easy to lose weight. Any diet plan that you stick with will help you do that. But studies show that 95.4% of people fail to keep it off permanently because the body will keep fighting to bring us back to our set point weight. I’m here today to tell you: Don’t fight your set point; change your set point.

This is easier than you may think. In one study, scientists altered an enzyme called HSL (hormone sensitive lipase) in mice and then fed them a fattening diet, but the mice could not gain weight.

It was as if they were immunized against weight gain because they had a different metabolic response to the foods they ate. With the SANE Solution, you, too, can change your body’s metabolic response to food.

With an elevated set point, weight loss is a constant battle. Sound familiar? But it doesn’t have to be that way. The SANE Solution is the only diet engineered to reprogram your body from the inside out to lower your set point and end that battle for good. Transforming your metabolic systems to behave like a naturally thin person’s will make permanent weight loss not only possible, but also effortless.

Lowering your set point isn’t just one way to lose weight; it is proven to be the only way to keep it off permanently. Once you reprogram your set point, it stays that way for the long term. It is a fundamental metabolic change that is difficult to reverse. In fact, the (unfortunately very few) diets that do work in the long term do so because they’ve accidentally lowered your set point.